We believe everyone should feel safe at work

We’re on a mission to improve personal safety with
our intelligent accident-detection wearables and innovative safety systems that are beautifully designed and user friendly.

Today’s digital world is changing the way we work. Systems have become more automated, employees are more mobile and lone working is more common across industries.

Protect your most important assets

We know how challenging it can be to ensure the safety of your employees. With innovative technology built into all of our systems, we’re here to help look after the health and safety of your workforce so you can focus on the day-to-day.

Stay connected to your teams

Our Tended Protect wearable packs intelligent safety monitoring features into one discreet and lightweight device and keeps you connected to your workforce. Using AI, it accurately detects accidents, including slips, trips and falls as well as long periods of no movement.

Maintain full visibility of your workforce

Tended’s monitoring panel is at the core of each of our solutions. Get notifications if an employee has had an accident, request their location, see a full overview of your workforce, send out notifications and more via Tended's monitoring panel.

Designed with both the employee and employer in mind

We create solutions that employees want to use. With fitness tracking features, employee opt in and user privacy, we offer solutions for a safer workplace, creating a better and safer working experience for you and your employees.

Tended Protect

Accident detection

Advanced sensor technology built in to detect falls, impacts and periods of no movement.

SOS call

An SOS call can be initiated at any time using a pre-set tap pattern on the device


Send messages straight to the wrist of your employees.

Monitoring Panel

Send out messages or safety alarms to your employees' wearables, request their location, get access to a range of analytical tools and more. See an overview of your workplace at a glance to help improve safety, security and efficiency.

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