accident icon
Accident detection

The Wearable detects slips, trips and falls, and sends out an alert.

movement icon
No-motion detection

If unusual periods of no-movement are detected, Tended will check to see if everything's ok.

alarm icon
Panic alarm

Help can be requested at any time by holding the screen down for five seconds.

data tracking icon
Fitness tracking

A built-in step counter displays daily step count.

finger tapping icon
OLED tap display

The Wearable features a bright and clear display, responsive to a light tap.

battery icon
Up to four-day battery

After a full charge, the wearable will last up to four days.

artificial intelligence icon
AI technology

We use artificial intelligence to learn your workers' movements, and spot anything that could indicate an accident.

accident icon

Select how often you would like employees to check-in.

wifi icon
Bluetooth low energy

By using Bluetooth low energy, we ensure that drain on battery life is kept to a minimum.


Looking over the shoulder of somebody using Tended's Dashboard

Small, lightweight and incredibly powerful. Our Wearable keeps you connected to your teams so you can be alerted in real time if anything goes wrong.


We're helping to improve personal safety with our smart, accident detection technology.

Our Wearable makes safety monitoring easy and efficient. With automatic accident detection, our safety solutions are there for your employees when they need it most.


We’re on a mission to improve personal safety with our intelligent accident-detection wearables and innovative safety systems that are beautifully designed and user friendly.

Engineering the Tended Protect

The Dashboard

Our wearables let you know your employees are safe and our safety hub keeps you connected.

The Dashboard enables you to keep a track of incidents, near misses and unsafe situations giving you the information you need to help improve the safety of your workforce.

Tended Protect product spread out to show the inner workings

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