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Tended’s Dashboard provides the link between you and your employees, ensuring you are always connected to your teams.


Transform the safety of your workforce

Manage and set up your employees, keep a log of incidents and respond to emergencies through Tended's Dashboard.

Designed to be simple and seamless, the Dashboard helps you easily manage the safety of your teams.

Tended's analytics tools provides an overview of your workplace behaviour, helping you improve the safety within your organisation.

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In the event of an emergency

We know that the minutes that follow an accident are critical. That’s why we have designed our wearable to detect accidents in seconds and send out an emergency alert via the safety hub.

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Accident detected

When an accident is detected, a notification is sent to the safety hub. This triggers an emergency alert on the Dashboard, which contains the user’s location, health data and activity information.

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Emergency notification

At the same time, an email and text is sent to up to five emergency contacts. This message contains a direct link to the emergency alert on the platform. Our systems will automatically ring each emergency contact until the call is answered and someone is aware that the user is in danger.

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Respond to alert

Once an emergency contact has opened the alert, they can either respond to or resolve the emergency. Once the emergency is resolved, all other contacts are alerted that the user is safe. This is then logged as an “incident” on the Dashboard.

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The Dashboard

Our wearables let you know your employees are safe and our safety hub keeps you connected.

The Dashboard enables you to keep a track of incidents, near misses and unsafe situations giving you the information you need to help improve the safety of your workforce.

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