Tended uses a self-contained Bluetooth network combined with our Tended Protect wearable for increased visibility and safeguarding for your employees who work indoors.

Tended in action

With state-of-the-art technology, we can provide one of the most reliable forms of indoor positioning so you can easily locate your lone workers within buildings if they have an accident or activate the SOS call.


Intelligent Accident Detection
Safety Monitoring and Analytics
Bluetooth location monitoring
Location zoning

Monitoring Panel

Within the Indoor section of the panel, you’ll be able to set up your internal Bluetooth network and set different dangerous and prohibited zones, along with who can and can’t go into these. Choose whether employees receive alerts when they enter certain zones (i.e. remember to wear a hard hat) and see an overview of your workspace, including a live heat map. You’ll also receive the accurate location of any employees the moment they’re involved in an accident.

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