About us

We’re on a mission to improve the safety of millions. We believe that employees are a company’s most valuable asset and their safety should always come first.

Who we are

At Tended, we not only want to make the world a safer place, but we want to do so in style.


First and foremost we are a safety-focussed company. We envisage a world where people can focus more and worry less.


What sets us apart from other solutions is not just the technology we build into our products, but also how effortless they are to use for our end users.


We use the most innovative technology across our solutions to bring you the best in accident detection and improve safety protocols across your organisation.

Our team

Our team has grown from strength to strength and we are now a team of 24 highly-experienced individuals.

Our culture

We adopt an inclusive and collaborative working culture. We believe that different backgrounds and perspectives work better as a collective force, working together to address modern-day safety challenges.
We want to create an environment where curiosity, creativity and talent can thrive, fuelling innovation and driving change.

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