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Safety is important and so is your bottom line. We’re as keen to evidence a positive return on investment to our customers as we are to improve the safety of their workforce.

ROI calculator

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We just need to grab a few basic details about your organisation and we’ll be able to give you an estimate on your potential ROI.

Price breakdown

All statistics and calculations are based on evidence and research from Health and Safety Executive, Office of National Statistics, Gallup and EHS Today.

  • Cost of existing solutions£24,000
  • Potential fines£5,443
  • Increased productivity£1,603
  • Increased staff retention£10,900
  • Potential insurance savings£12,000
  • Annual Subscription-£18,000
  • Wastage/Replacement devices£300
  • Cost of products£0
  • Total cost£29,448
  • ROI %1.35%
  • Predicted ROI£0 pa

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